2015年3月に渋谷WOMBにて初ライブ、4月にはキッザニア東京にて300人の子供の前で、8月にはAlife SapporoにてGUEST DJを務めた。12月にはZEPP NAGOYAにて、全国の中高生パフォーマーが集う“ナキワラ!”に出演し、毎日新聞に記事が掲載されるなど、飛躍の1年となった。

2016年に入り、2月に自身がレジデントを務める禁酒禁煙イベント“Live-Up Vol.1”を主催。ゲストにTJO、KICKOFFを迎え、200人を動員し、日本テレビ制作の“ZIP!”にて話題の高校生としてイベントの模様が取り上げられ、放送日に自身のアーティスト名がYahoo!検索チャート3位にランクインした。Vol.2ではゲストに☆TakuTakahashi (M-flo)を招き250人を動員した。

3月にはZEPP TOKYOでのライブ出演を果たし、4月には日本や世界を代表するトップDJが参加するblock.fmにて自身のMixを配信、5月にはSteveAokiなど世界TOPDJが出演する関西最大級DJFES“MUSIC CIRCUS”,7月にはSlide The City,Water Run,8月には出れんのサマソニ!?のオーディション枠で3500組中の16組のファイナリストに選抜され、SUMMER SONIC2016に出演を果たした。

楽曲制作にも精力的に取り組んでおり、2015年10月に“TAKENOKO”をリリース。2017年4月にはアメリカのレーベルAttack The Musicより“SAKURA”をリリース。

Currently 18 years old. He is a DJ / music producer working in Tokyo.

From 2014 he studied under Ableton official trainer Tri-Force and began music activities mainly with DJ and composition.

First live at Shibuya WOMB in March 2015, in front of 300 children in Kidzania Tokyo in April and served as GUEST DJ in Alife Sapporo in August. In December ZEPP NAGOYA appeared in "Nakiwara!" Nationwide high school student performers gathered, articles were posted in the Mainichi Shimbun, it was a year of leap.

In 2016, in February he sponsored the anti-smoking cessation event "Live-Up Vol. TJO, KICKOFF was welcomed to the guests, 200 people were mobilized, the pattern of the event was taken up as a high school student in the topic of Japanese TV production "ZIP!", And his own artist name on Yahoo! search chart 3rd on broadcast day I ranked in. In Vol.2 we invited TakuTakahashi (M - flo) to the guests and mobilized 250 people.

In March, she will perform live at ZEPP TOKYO, and in April it will distribute her own Mix at, where top DJs from Japan and the world will participate and World TOPDJ such as Steve Aoki will appear in May In the audition frame of Kansai's largest DJFES "MUSIC CIRCUS", in July Slide The City, Water Run, in August it was selected as 16 finalists in 3500 pairs, and on SUMMER SONIC 2016 I played the appearance.

We are also energetically working on music production, releasing "TAKENOKO" in October 2015. In April 2017, "SAKURA" was released from American label Attack The Music.